JAN. 4, 2018 -  Come in, kick yer shoes off and stay a while!
Blue Cypress Bluegrass is a seasoned 5-piece band, based in Vero Beach, Florida! Many of our followers know, due to health reasons one of the original band members has been out of the loop since mid-November 2017.  The band and bluegrass family wish Tim the best in recovery. He continues to need our prayers. Fortunately there are many great bluegrass musician friends that are happy, willing and able to step right out on stage with this band for their shows and not miss a beat! Most of the musicians are lead and harmony vocalists and some multi-instrumentalist. This change tends to bring new excitement to the fans! You never know who you might be seeing with this group when you attend the shows! The substitute musician is carefully selected for each event. CLIENTS AND FANS KNOW IT'S GONNA BE GREAT MUSIC EVERY TIME!
Please share this website so others can enjoy the music also! Referrals are very much appreciated! Be sure to check in often for updates and sign up for the monthly newsletter while you're here!  Thanks for your support for this music and the band, and helping to keep real traditional bluegrass and classic country music alive!

Thanks for your time,

Pam Rudd 
Booking Agent / Band Business Manager 

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