Blue Cypress Bluegrass has TWO NEW FULL-TIME band members on board! With much pride and satisfaction, we introduce LEO UNDERWOOD and TOM CALLINO as permanent band members, joining Alan Rudd, Bill Hare, and Tim Lynch who have been in the band since the start!
Leo owned his own band called Atlantic Bluegrass for 10 years which his band retired on June 2, 2017.  Blue Cypress Bluegrass wishes the Atlantic Bluegrass band members the very best of health and happiness! Great group of fun gentlemen who brought lots of happiness with their fabulous music! Leo has been a stand in musician with us for many shows over the past few years!  A strong lead vocalist, who also adds to the already tight harmonies, has humor that always brings chuckles from the audience!  Leo is a great addition to our band! Tom is also a great addition to the band in many ways!! Not only is he an awesome fiddle player, he adds as vocalist in both lead and vocal harmonies. Young and energetic, Tom's animation is enjoyable to watch, while listening to him as he sings and plays his fiddle, holding the listeners captive on their own free will!  The comments we are hearing often at every show, ... the band was great before, but we love it even more with the new guys in the band! Thank You, we feel the same way! Now please tell others about us!

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